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new :)

Name- Sydni
Age- 16
Gender- Im a chick.:)
Location- Melbourne FL (they played here last night)
Three favorite bands- Uh... Brand New, Fall Out Boy, Further Seems Forever
Three favorite songs- "The Scientist" x Coldplay, "Fast Forward" x Dont Look Down, "Best of Me" x Starting Line
Something[s] about youself- Uhm... Im a wanna-be emo girl, but I listen to the extremes of everything. (not a big hardcore girl, but I love Atreyu... as an example)
A picture is optional- one or two... weird ones
Promote? yah, sure. im up for it.

I saw Dont Look Down Wednesday night in Orlando, with Strike Force Diablo and Hot Water Music-- and again last night at a local show here in Melbourne.
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